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’90 Day Fiance’: Here’s Why Alina Wants Her Fans To Help Her Raise $5K

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Alina has opened up about the financial struggles she’d faced after meeting Steven Johnston.

Alina from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is asking her Instagram fans for donations. The 21-year-old reality TV star revealed that she had been subject to a lot of uncertainty after meeting Steven Johnston, 25.

The couple met on a language exchange app, and then met in person for two weeks. They dated for one year, before moving to Turkey where they decided to tie the knot.

Asian politics and Chinese language student Alina took a year off at her university for Steven. She wanted to become a Mormon. However, Steven has been lying about being a virgin and cheating on Alina when he was dating her.

Steven Has Been Insincere And A Liar

Much to Alina’s chagrin, Steven confessed that he had sex with multiple women even when he was dating her. Despite the confession, Alina went on to leave her family, friends, and career in Novosibirsk for Steven who isn’t even willing to marry her.

While Steven narrated his scandalous liaisons on Sunday night’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Alina clapped back asking, “Did you just slept with other girls?

Following the episode, Aline shared a fundraising link for buymeacoffee with her Instagram followers. “Buy Alina – 90 day fiance a wine(steven wont),” she captioned the post. She later revealed that she wants to become a full-time digital artist and digital marketer.

90 Day Fiance Alina Coffee

 “Since leaving my university studies behind for steVen” she has had “to face a lot of uncertainty.” Alina is trying to raise $5,000, with a starting amount of $5.

Alina Realizes The Risk Of Marrying Steven

She admitted that marrying Steven was a “risky decision.” However, she is trying to make the best with what she has now. “I am currently enrolled in a preparatory program at BYU for social media marketing,” Alina explained.

Once the program is completed, she wants to get enrolled in a “full-time accredited American University” for her marketing degree. She is also making sure that her family doesn’t face the consequences of her poor decision.

She claims that it is a custom for children to look after their parents as they grow older in Russia. Considering that she is the only child, Alina understands the responsibility to care for her mom and dad. 

Alina wants her fans to support her by purchasing her artwork, and help her get “worthy educational and professional goals.” However, fans aren’t sure why she is asking for money since she is currently enjoying a vacation with her mom Anna in Crete, Greece.

On top of that, a recently leaked photo shows that Steven is also with her on the vacation. Why do you think Steven and Alina are still together even after the show ended? Let us know in the comments section below.

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