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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Think Ella’s Open Relationship Threat To Johnny Is Cruel

90 Day Fiance star Ella Johnson has come under fire for warning her boyfriend during episode 10 while ignoring his COVID-19 fears.

Johnny feels he has no risk his safety and travels from Jinan to Dubai to meet his girlfriend Ella Johnson, or else she will find a new man. 

Meanwhile, Ella has been chatting with her 34-year-old Asian prince for nearly two years. Johnny is a single father, who had planned to visit Ella in America.

However, much to their chagrin, the COVID-19 pandemic dashed their hopes of finally meeting each other. Ella then urged Johnny to meet her midway (in Dubai) for two weeks.

Much to Johnny’s chagrin, he would have to spend five weeks in quarantine following the trip. Johnny isn’t sure about taking that risk, but Ella is now threatening him with an “open relationship.”

90 Day Fiance Fans Slam Ella 

Ella gained criticism for making tone-deaf comments about Asian culture. Johnny, on the other hand, drew flak for his plus-size women fetish

Now, their relationship is even more complicated. Ella wondering if Johnny is serious about the relationship as he isn’t willing to fly out of China due to the coronavirus pandemic, as per a report by ScreenRant.

Johnny explained to Ella that the Delta wave in the U.S. makes his travel outside the country quite risky. Moreover, if he ends up testing positive, he would have spent a lot of money due to hospitalization.

Ella, on the other hand, doesn’t think COVID-19 is a valid reason for him to be cautious about traveling, even though his elderly parents and young son are financially dependent on him.

90 Day Fiance viewers initially felt Ella was too childish to even think of getting married and will fail to be a good stepmother to Johnny’s child. 

Ella doesn’t even seem serious about Johnny. Some fans think she just wants to fulfill her Asian fetish. 

Moreover, Ella will be using her parent’s help to buy tickets. Johnny, on the other hand, will have to quit his job to meet her. 

With Ella thinking of seeing other people, fans feel she has already considered cheating and will move on immediately.

Johnny Loves Ella

Johnny has admitted that he is crazy in love with Ella. Moreover, open relationships aren’t common in China. So, even the thought of Ella doing it scares him.

Johnny is willing to wait for seven months or so, allowing things to get better. However, there is a possibility that she would meet someone else.

“If Ella want some sex with another guy, I feel it’s hard to accept,” Johnny confessed. Johnny wants to marry Ella and start a family.

Ella, however, doesn’t seem to have enough empathy to understand his concerns. In fact, her threatening him of dating other men is extremely cruel.

In the meantime, fans are urging Johnny to break up with Ella because she is constantly mean to him. Do you think Ella has been manipulative with the open relationship threat?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and watch this space for the latest reality TV show news. 

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