’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Slam Big Ed For Posting A Creepy Video With A Child

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One of the most disliked 90 Day Fiance cast members, Big Ed Brown is drawing flak again, this time for posting a creepy TikTok video.

Big Ed Brown is getting quite a slamming from 90 Day Fiance viewers for posting a creepy TikTok video with a little girl. The controversy plagued reality TV personality has been hated for treating Rose Vega terribly. 

Aside from that, TLC viewers detest Big Ed for his interest in women that are more than half his age. Some fans have even urged TLC to boycott the San Diego man, but to no avail. Big Ed will be appearing on  90 Day: The Single Life following his engagement to girlfriend Liz Woods.

90 Day Fiance Fans Slam Big Ed Again

Before their engagement, Liz had accused Ed of being abusive towards her on a phone call. Moreover, a mystery woman had claimed that he assaulted her. On top of that, the 56-year-old TV personality came under fire after admitting he had a crush on Fernanda Flores, 23.

Despite drawing flak, Big Ed’s “predatory” antics do not seem to end. In an interview, Ed said that he feels most comfortable dating women aged 28 to 34. Moreover, he wants to stay 55 and doesn’t want to get any older. Now, Big Ed posted a video to his Instagram and TikTok accounts on Nov. 19, crossing the line again.


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In the video, Ed appears to enact a flirtatious scene between him and Rose Vega from 90 Day Fiance with a child. The “I like the view” line he told Rose on the show had gone viral. Ed went on to recreate the scene with several women on social media.

Why do Fans think Big Ed’s Latest TikTok Video Is Creepy?

In the recently uploaded video, a child says Rose’s line, with Big Ed responding to her by saying, “You do?” He then adds, “You’re my best view.”

Just like Rose, who made a disgusting expression at Ed’s comment, the girl says, “Meh.” Taking to Reddit, fans bashed Ed for making the video with such a young child.

Reddit user, u/PrincessHairyPooper captioned the post, “Is… Is that a child?” Commenters described Ed as a “nasty creep,” “gross,” and said he was “beyond words.” 

Some fans speculated that the girl was Liz’s daughter, but others pointed out that she was a tad older than her. “Please get the repulsive person away from children! And stop posting him, because you’re giving him attention,” a fan wrote.

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