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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Praise Yara’s Surgeon After Old Photos Resurface

90 Day Fiance viewers are expressing admiration for Yara Zaya’s plastic surgeon after finding out how drastically different the TLC star looks in her old pictures.

Yara has repeatedly refused to get any plastic surgery except her nose job, however, her plastic surgeon is garnering praises for transforming her looks. Some old pictures of Yara have surfaced on social media, making viewers believe that she had a few cosmetic procedures done.

She made her debut on 90 Day Fiance season 8 and had previously participated in a Ukrainian-based reality TV show called Fashion To the People, ScreenRant reported. One fan shared a short clip of the show on Reddit, in which she revealed that her parents have separated.

Yara’s mom works as a baker in Zakarpattya and her father is an established businessman in Hungary. When she was 19, Yara began looking for love with foreign men.

The new mom told the cameras that she feels foreign men are smarter than Ukrainian men. She appeared on the Ukrainian TV show in 2014, and since then, her physical appearance has changed drastically.

It isn’t easy to recognize Yara in her old photos. Aside from getting a nose job, she got lip fillers but didn’t like their effect on her face. After comparing her old and new pictures, shared by @90daysfiances, some suspicious were raised.


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90 Day Fiance fans are praising the procedures Yara has got done, with some fans praising the plastic surgeon who carried out the procedure. “Her plastic surgery paid off,” one fan said.

Another fan added, “she looks so much prettier now.” One fan mentioned, “She looks nothing like that now…good surgeon.”

One fan went as far as asking for her plastic surgeon’s number. One of her previously surfaced photos, in which she is standing with a couple of people have raised many eyebrows.

90 day fiance Yara

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