90 Day Fiance Steven and Alina

’90 Day Fiance’ Fan Accuses Steven Of Sending Obscene Snap

A90 Day Fiance viewers claim that Steven Johnston demanded their private photos. Now, an alleged message from the reality TV personality upholds the claim.

Steven Johnston got engaged to Alina on season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Despite being in a relationship, the Utah-native has been caught sending explicit photos to random women on Snapchat.

On top of that, Steven admitted that lied about being a virgin and had cheated on her. Although Alina criticized his hypocrisy, she decided to forgive him after she proposed to her with a gorgeous ring on a boat.

Steven Johnston Accused Of Messaging Other Girls

90 Day Fiance fans believe Alina is naive, and have discovered proof of Steven still messaging other girls on social media. Moreover, he hasn’t shown any commitment in terms of making Alina his wife.

Furthermore, he even admitted that he was going on dates a month before moving to Turkey with Alina because he thought they weren’t exclusive. Steven fell for Alina’s trap when she asked her friend Masha to flirt with him on Facebook.

Steven claims that he deleted his social media accounts, but multiple women now claim that he has been demanding their private pictures online. A screenshot of these women accusing Steven of asking for their nudes is making the rounds online.

Photo Of Steven’s Lewd Message Surfaces Online

A Reddit user u/CountryGirlAF posted a photo (now deleted) of a lewd Snapchat message allegedly sent by Steven to the 90 Day Fiance subreddit. “You all wanted proof Steven was still cheating,” the Reddit user wrote.

“The picture on the right was taken by one of his victims from another phone after she realized he was trying to viol8te her,” the Reddit user added.

According to the Reddit user, the photo was taken in Sept. The photo was allegedly sent to Alina as proof. The photo shows Steven with his tongue sticking out indecently.

“Sorry I’m so tired when we text! Been really busy the only time I have is in the early morning when I first wake up,” the caption says.

Steven then adds, “Haha did I tell you I have a really long tongue? but I don’t have a lot of practice with it.” Fans took to the comments section to express their opinion.

Fans are no stranger to Steven’s past gaslighting techniques. Reddit user u/anniemalplanet thinks that Steven might admits that he did send the chat. However, “he’ll try to spin it into something innocent like he talked about eating ice cream.”

Alina thinks that Steven will be able to woo other women the same way he wooed her on social media. Even if Alina confronts Steven over the alleged messages, he will manage to win her over again with tactical gifts. 

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