’90 Day Fiance’: Debbie Spotted With Tony In Canada [Photo]

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90 Day Fiance fan recently spotted Debbie Johnson with Tony in Canada, confirming that the duo is still going strong.

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson was spotted with her on-screen date Tony in Vancouver, Canada. This could be a major sign that things worked out between them.

Debbie made her TLC debut as a supporting cast member alongside her son, Colt Johnson. She had been single for 13 years at the time.

After Colt got married to Vanessa Guerra, Debbie, 69, decided to find a new man. However, she failed to find a partner on 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 for various reasons.

In season 3, she seems to have found a man who is compatible with her. Debbie’s Canadian friend’s landlord, Tony is a lot like Debbie.

Despite not liking his tattoos and thin physique, Debbie found him generally sweet. The show is currently in the early phase, but a 90 Day Fiance viewer appears to have spoiled Debbie’s ending.

The viewer shared a picture of Debbie with Tony. The couple is enjoying a train ride in British Columbia.

“Fan Spotting [09/14/2022]: I knew it was Debbie i saw in Vancouver subway!.” the Redditor wrote.

The post implies that Debbie and Tony are together and spending time with each other. Moreover, their matching black jackets make them look like a loving couple. 

Most commenters were excited to know that Debbie had finally found her man 

“And she’s still with Santa Claus! That’s really good news. I hope she’s happy,” one Redditor wrote.

A second one added, “Good for her, there have been tonnes of posts of her in van, it is nice to see this relationship working.”

Some fans suggest the picture is from January. So, it is unclear whether they are still together.

Do you think Debbie and Tony may have formed a relationship? Let us know in the comments below. 

Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

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