’90 Day Fiance’: Danielle Mullins Reveals What She Is Looking For In A Guy

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90 Day Fiance Danielle Mullins

Danielle Mullins is back in the dating scene in a brand-new 90 Day Fiance spinoff dubbed, 90 Day: The Single Life.

The exclusive discovery+ series will see Danielle getting back out in the dating scene, after her tumultuous relationship with Mohamed Jbali. Making her appearance on 90 Day: Bares All, she revealed what she’s “looking for” in a guy.

She went on to divulge more details about it on The Single Life. Danielle recently appeared on episode 9 of 90 Day: Bares All, and the host Shaun Robinson asked her what she is looking for in a man, to which she replies, “I’m looking for someone that’s family-oriented, has a job.”

Posted by Danielle Mullins Jbali on Tuesday, 9 March 2021

“OK, got to have a J.O.B. if you wanna get with Danielle,” Shaun said. She points out that finding someone with those requirements should be easy. In 90 Day: The Single Life, Danielle admitted that she wants to “find love again,” and opens up about what she’s “looking for.” 

“I am looking for someone to build a life, a partnership with,” Danielle says. “Someone that’s caring, kind, outgoing. As long as they’re average looking, maybe a little bit taller than me ’cause I do have struggles with reaching things, so height would be good.”

Posted by Danielle Mullins Jbali on Sunday, 7 March 2021

An exclusive clip is shown of her date on Bares All. She is seen with a man and is shy when she meets up with him at a sports bar. She wore a strappy dress for the date with a man named Avon. She admits that she is nervous, and Avon tells the cameras that Danielle is innocent, ShowBiz Cheatsheet reported.

As the date progresses, the two seem to have some differences and they aren’t meshing that well. Avon is a bit forward in his first conversation with Danielle. “So you looking for Santa Claus?” he asks. You want your little stocking stuffed?” he adds.

That makes her laugh, and she looks shocked when talking to the cameras about the comment. “Uh no, I’m not into…I mean…sex on the first date, or second date,” she says. “It’s going to be a while.”

Avon says he is feeling her and hopes she is feeling him, adding, “But if you’re interested, I’m in,” to which Danielle says she needs to “check” her schedule. This turned out to be an awkward first date.

Danielle will be going on a date with another man named Jason in the upcoming episode of The Single Life. We will have to wait and see how it goes, but if her date with Avon is anything to go by, it will be nothing short of epic. 

90 Day Fiance Danielle Mullins

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