’90 Day Fiance’: Colt & Vanessa Blame Debbie For Their Separation

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Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra from 90 Day: The Single Life shocked fans by revealing that they are separated.

One of the 90 Day Fiance couples Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra have confirmed that they have separated. The duo attributed their split to Debbie Johnson’s interference in their relationship.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra Are Separated

Colt and Vanessa made an appearance on part one of the 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 tell-all on Friday, January 28. “I’m upset that you just can’t do anything by yourself. I’m the first person, the first call, the first everything with you,” Colt told Debbie during the episode.

 “You’ve raised me to be just a subservient person to you. … I shouldn’t be bothered with your life. This is your life. It’s not my responsibility.”

As expected, Debbie walks out when Colt, 36, confronts her, leaving him and Vanessa, 31, to shed light on how his dynamic with Debbie has affected their relationship.

“I moved out,” Vanessa revealed. “We’re separated,” Colt added.

Debbie’s Role In Her Son’s Split From Vanessa

Moreover, Vanessa claimed that she was tired of being under [Debbie’s] roof” as she and Colt lived with his mother since they got married. However, Vanessa left three weeks ahead of the tell-all taping, according to a report by Us Weekly.

Vanessa went on to say that Debbie’s constant interruptions were one of the reasons why she moved out. “It’s nonstop,” she said. “‘Hey, Colt. Hey, Colt.’ Even if our door is closed at the room, [she’ll say], ‘Hey, Colt.’”

However, her breaking point came when she suffered a miscarriage. “We told Debbie about it and she was very — I mean, I know she didn’t know at all that I was pregnant. We kept it from her,” Vanessa recalls.

“So her reaction was, ‘I’m sorry.’ She gave me a hug.”

Colt added that Debbie “obviously has some feelings or emotions, but she can’t express them to me, and I don’t know why.”

Debbie Says She’s Done With Vanessa & Colt

Returning to the stage, Debbie tells Colt and Vanessa to leave. However, the pair do not leave, and Vanessa went on to talk about how the miscarriage made the situation with Debbie even worse.

“I was just very stressed about well, one, are we gonna raise [a child] here in this house? It was just a lot of stress … so I kind of felt guilty, like maybe I did something wrong, and then I took it out on him a lot,” Vanessa said. “It was just a lot.”

Debbie claims that she was planning to move out soon, prompting Vanessa to admit that she would move back in with Colt if his mom was no longer there. “[I] didn’t sign up for a part-time husband,” Vanessa said.

Nevertheless, the battle between her and Debbie continued, with Vanessa telling her that “I just feel very smothered because you’re constantly in Colt’s face.”

If I need him, you’re in his face,” Vanessa said. Moreover, Debbie announces that she was done with her son and daughter-in-law.

Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

90 Day Fiance Colt and Vanessa

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