Brittany Banks 90 day fiance

’90 Day Fiance’: Brittany Banks Claps Back At Troll Who Accused Her Of Wearing Braces Ten Years

Brittany Banks 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Brittany Banks clapped back at a troll who accused her of wearing braces for ten years.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 has been quite challenging for Brittany Banks, who has been subject to severe criticism from fans. Banks, who was previously accused of disrespecting Islam, was recently called out by a fan who said she has had braces for ten years.

Brittany clapped back at the commenter with a fitting response. Fans of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way believe Brittany, an aspiring rapper, agreed to appear on the show just to garner popularity. Moreover, they accuse her of using her boyfriend Yazan Abuhurira just to have a storyline.

Even before she visited Jordan, Brittany knew that Yazan comes from a conservative Muslim family, meaning, she would need to follow their culture, or get converted into Islam. She still arrived in Jordan carrying a bottle of alcohol and hugged a show producer to enrage Yazan.

During her second visit to Jordan, Brittany sported a low cut top that showed off her cleavage while going out to a Jordanian market. On top of that, she had alcohol in a bar, which was packed with conservative Jordanian men. This led to fans calling her a pseudo-feminist, and some viewers accusing her of intentionally disrespecting the culture and testing her boyfriend’s patience.

“I feel like you have had braces for like ten years,” a troll wrote. Brittany didn’t like the remark and replied by stating facts. Asking the troll to relax, she pointed out that people usually wear braces for two years, and she has only been wearing them for nine months.

She then shared a screenshot of her Instagram story, saying the viewers have been seeing her wearing braces since Aug., and “it’s November so how do y’all keep saying I’ve had braces forever?” She went on to ask her followers if they know anyone who had braces for less than six months. You can check out the screenshot of her Instagram Story below.

“She’s right though!!” one fan commented, adding, “I had my braces for a year and eight months ahaa.” Brittany previously admitted that her braces help her look younger, and attracts older men, ranging from 45 to 85 years,

“My braces have worked in my favor. The older, settled gentlemen really like it,” she explained. Stay tuned in here for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

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