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’90 Day Fiance’: Brandon, Julia First Time Took Their Fur Baby To Virginia Beach

90 Day Fiance star Brandon Gibbs and his wife Julia Trubkina were spotted at the Virginia beach with his adorable dog, Simba. The reality TV star and his wife Julia Trubkina took their pet, whom they consider their child, on a trip to the beach.

Brandon Gibbs recently had a good time bonding with Julia Trubkina and their fur baby. This was the first time they took Simba to the beach. Taking to his Instagram account, Brandon shared some photos from their beach adventures.

In the photos, Brandon is smiling as Simba chases him. In another picture, the husband of Julia Trubkina can be seen carrying his pet dog in the water.


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The Couple Gushes Over Simba

The 90 Day Fiance couple has gushed about Simba, a.k.a. Sonny on social media in the past. Julia had supported Simba during the Tell All episode, saying it was the first time she loved someone so much.


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Some of her fellow cast members jokingly asked if she loved Sonny more than Brandon. However, Brandon doesn’t seem to take offense since he has the same love for Simba, according to CentralRecorder.

Brandon and Julia’s marriage seems stronger than ever. The duo recently returned to Ron and Betty’s farm after Ron announced he was battling a severe health condition.

Considering the situation, Brandon and Julia’s decision to stay close to his parents is quite understandable. The Gibbs family has kept details about Ron’s condition under wraps.

Moreover, Ron isn’t willing to divulge details about his condition at the moment. What do you think about Brandon, Julia, and Simba’s trip to the beach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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