90 Day Fiance Julia and Brandon

’90 Day Fiance’: Brandon And Julia May Have Moved Out Of His Parents’ House

90 Day Fiance Julia and Brandon

It looks like 90 Day Fiance‘s couple Brandon And Julia have moved out of Brandon’s parents’ house together.

After threatening his parents Betty and Ron that he’d leave their house with Julia, it appears that Brandon has already moved out of his overbearing parents’ house. The pair has been dealing with the unpleasantly overpowering nature of Brandon’s parents for quite some time now while living in their home.

This has created a lot of stress for their relationship, and it soon reached a stage where Julia had to threaten Brandon that she’s leaving if he didn’t find another place to live. Brandon was able to negotiate a few changes in their living situation, indicating that the two are still together and living in their own home away from parental control.

A recently surfaced video led 90 Day Fiance viewers to speculate that those scenarios have actually happened. Posted by Julia to her Instagram account, the video shows her talking about cocktails in every modern kitchen.

Julia speaking about alcohol, while sporting an onesie which isn’t likely to be happening in the Gibbs family household without severe criticism. It is, however, worth noting that Brandon was able to gain some leverage in the latest 90 Day Fiance episode after he threatened to leave the house, so there is a possibility that the couple could be carrying out activities of this nature inside his house.

We can see newer appliances, countertops, and cabinets in the background, and it doesn’t look similar to any rooms in the home that Brandon’s parents own. A kitchen has been shown in a few scenes, but we have only seen a coffee maker and a dining room with a TV on top of it.

Moreover, the walls are painted differently, and there is some evidence that suggests Julia and Brandon are still together in the present day. Hollywood Gossip shared a picture of the couple celebrating New Year’s Eve with Brandon’s friends. This clearly suggests that Julia stayed in the United States beyond her 90 days, and the two are still together.

If Julie is still in the U.S. and the pair have tied the knot, it would be hardly surprising that they are in a new place. Brandon clearly stated that their time in his parents’ house was temporary until he got his finances in order. Let us know if you think Brandon and Julia have finally moved out of Betty and Ron’s home in the comments section below.

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