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’90 Day Fiance’ Blogger John Yates Hospitalized After Attempting Suicide

Fan-favorite 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates has been hospitalized after her attempted suicide due to internet bullying.

Last Tuesday, Julie took over the Instagram of the popular blogger to share some alarming news about her best friend, John Yates.

In her IG post, Julie indicated that all wasn’t well, but she refrained from divulging a lot of details about the situation. Julie assured John’s followers that she’d go live shortly, but failed to do so.

Notably, Julie got a lot to handle. She later went on to share a link that confirmed the blogger wasn’t okay. John was hospitalized.

John Yates Is Not Well

Many netizens think John is an outspoken blogger who speaks without sentiment. However, these qualities attracted reality stars to him. 

John was subject to bullying, as per a report by The Overtimer. John uses his social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel for bringing positive changes in the lives of people. 

To recap, he even helped promote a gofundme account for the Seeking Sister wife/Dimitri Snowden scandal. Dimitri’s only legal wife Christeline went into hiding and wanted help to come out. 

John helped her and even became a companion. However, some people only saw the bad in him. He was bullied till he cracked.

John’s followers noticed that he wasn’t fine during his last live session. He even stopped returning texts. It was revealed on Drop the Mic with Anne and Maria that he attempted suicide last night by slitting his wrists.

This suicide attempt can be attributed to the bullying and harassment he received, as per Anne and Maria. Some thought it was a joke or a prank and threw more hate at him, making the ladies angrier.

It is no secret that bullying can lead to depression. We hope John is surrounded by people that love him during this hard time.

What do you think about John’s suicide attempt? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance.

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