90 Day The Single Life Ed and Liz

’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Admits He Moved Too Fast In His Relationship With Liz

90 Day: The Single Life cast member Big Ed Brown admitted that he moved too fast in his relationship with Liz, noting that things between them are still fixable. Liz does not feel elsewise.

With the first season of 90 Day: The Single Life coming to an end, Big Ed has realized why things haven’t been going well in his relationship with Liz. Living up to his reputation for dating younger women, Ed started dating Liz.

Ed’s take on his relationship status does not coincide with what Liz has been saying. Ed tried to push his relationship with Liz too far too fast, despite Liz being resistant when the reality TV star began pursuing her on 90 Day: The Single Life.

Although Liz eventually agreed to be his girlfriend, their relationship was rocky from the start. Liz wanted to take things slow, but Ed insisted on moving at breakneck speeds.

They are still together on the show, but Liz recently spoiled their story on Instagram with a breakup post. In a recent interview, Big Ed indicated that he may still be together with Liz.


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In an interview with Us Weekly, Big Ed opened up about his relationship status and why things didn’t work out between him and Liz. “We’re in a rough spot right now, and we’re kind of working through [it],” he said.

Ed revealed that Liz had a breakup just two weeks before she started dating him and that is “the biggest hurdle in our relationship is we both moved too fast.” 

He went on to admit that he pushed the relationship because he was “excited just to have a girlfriend.”

While some viewers think their romance was staged for the show, Ed said “I really was [in love with her]…and I still am.”

However, Ed’s sentiments do not match what fans have seen on the show. In a recent interview, Ed claimed that he and Liz were “glued at the hip with each other,” but on a recently aired episode of The Single Life, he complained to Liz that she doesn’t spend enough time with him or make him a priority.


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“We have a lot to work on. We talked about getting counseling. We talked about going to church. So I’m very optimistic,” he said.

” I want to give this a chance and see it through.” Ed makes it seem as though they are struggling, they are still together. Liz, on the other hand, has revealed Ed’s dark side on social media.

90 Day The Single Life Ed and Liz

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