Armando's Family Reacts to His Engagement to Kenny With Shocked Expressions And Silence

’90 Day Fiance’: Armando’s Mom Has Kept A Big Secret From His Dad

90 Day Fiance star Armando confronted his mother for remaining mum on his engagement with Kenneth and keeping his father in the dark.

Armando and Kenneth are the first Gay Couple in TLC’s hit reality show, 90 Day Fiance. They turned out to be one of the show’s most loving and understanding couples after making their debut in 90 Day Fiance Season 2.

On May 22, 2021, Armando, 31, and Kenneth, 57, tied the knot. Ahead of making their marriage official, Armando confronted his mother, Virginia, about hiding his engagement to Kenneth from his father.

Armando And His Mother Have An Emotional Conversation

In a recently surfaced People’s exclusive Sunday sneak peek, Armando is seen having an emotional conversation with his mother. He tells his mother that he is happy to see his father, who he thought would disapprove of Kenneth.

“We are happy to be here. We were missing everyone. So I’m happy we came, and that dad hung out with us,” he said.

Armando and his mom 2

When Kenneth asks his mother if she revealed that the duo is now engaged, she said, “I haven’t talked to him about your engagement. I was waiting for the moment where you would speak with him.”


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Armando learnss that his mother did not tell his father about his and Kenneth’s engagement. Last year, his mother had stopped him from telling his father about their engagement, insisting that she would disclose his engagement to his father.

 “It kind of makes me wonder if she’s still struggling with it herself, can’t come to terms with it and therefore can’t even talk to my dad about it,” he said with dismay.

Armando and his mom

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Kenny will be returning to St. Petersburg as his daughter, Cassidy is due to give birth in about five weeks. Regrettably, his husband Armando will not accompany him. “He still can’t come to the states yet,” Kenny explained.

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