’90 Day Bares All’: Jenny Reacts To Learning Sumit Is Married

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90 day fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit

90 Day Bares All shows Jenny Slatten’s emotional reaction to finding out that Sumit is married.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s relationship has been full of upheavals. In an exclusive sneak-peek of an upcoming episode of 90 Day Bares All, an unseen clip showing Jenny’s emotional reaction to learning that Sumit was married was aired. The moment is from season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way when Jenny visits India to be with Sumit.

After finding out about Sumit’s marital status, Jenny stayed in a hotel, where she called one of the show’s producers to help her. “Thank you for coming. I’m so happy to see you,” she told Shawn, a producer, as he gives her a hug.

“I’ve been here by myself for five days and I’ve been in shock… I was scared and I just reached out to you and I said, ‘Help,'” Jenny said. “How did we not know what was going on? How did you not know?” Shawn asked.

“That he was married? Well, that’s a good question, Shawn. That’s a really good question,” Jenny reveals. “How come I didn’t know? Maybe because he forgot to tell me. He just knew that if he told me he was married, that he had a wife, that it would end. He would lose me and he didn’t want that to happen, so he just didn’t tell me.”

“He told me he’s been trying to separate from her for over a year and his family hasn’t been allowing it,” she added. “And so he just tried to do it his own way. His own way was just to bring me to India and [say,] ‘Let’s try to do it ourselves.'”

From that point on, Sumit’s parents, Anil and Sahana have continued to oppose their relationship. In season 2, Sahana even threatened to kill herself if Sumit married Jenny. Sumit gave Jenny a promise ring rather than an engagement ring. Since they had not tied the knot though, Jenny had to return to America when her visa expired.

In an interview with ET, Jenny opened up about Sumit’s family drama, saying, “It’s unfortunate that I can’t be part of the family, but it is just the way it is.” Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

90 day fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit

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