4 Things That Women Notice In Your Outfit

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Avoid These 4 Things That Women Notice In Your Outfit

You have a date and you have picked up the perfect day, the perfect girl, and the perfect place and amidst all the perfection it is extremely important that you choose the perfect outfit for yourself.

Avoid Slogan T-shirts Without A Meaning

4 Things That Women Notice In Your Outfit

Talking about “things that women notice”, If you are a music lover and so you love to put in a music-related T-shirt, a graphic T-shirt or a T-shirt with a slogan that makes sense can work well but a T-shirt showing up a slogan not having meaning, in particular, can be a mess. Odd haphazard words with no meaning can create a negative impression.

Say No To Floaters

You know floaters are very comfortable but for a date, you must come out of your comfort zone on your date. If you prefer wearing those comfortable pair then wear it when you are alone and there is no one to judge on your fashion sense, but not an ideal choice when you are taking her out for lunch or coffee, it will definitely come across as inappropriate footwear.

Embracing Brands4 Things That Women Notice

If you think brands can impress girls then you were wrong all the time. Women appreciate fashion sense and not brands.

Avoid Wearing Wrinkled Clothes

If you are wearing a dirty, wrinkled shirt for your date then you are probably meeting the woman only to annoy her. If you are too lazy to do it or cannot do it send it to the laundry for cleaning and just relax.

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4 Things That Women Notice

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