4 Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

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4 Fashion Tips for Wheelchair UsersFashion Tips: We normally do not associate wheelchair users with the latest fashion, considering the difficulty and efforts involved in using a wheelchair. Wheelchair users can dress fashionably as well as provided they keep ease-of-wear in mind.

It is imperative for a wheelchair user to plan, especially when staying out for long hours. Miss Wheelchair India 2015, Priya Bhargava who manages to stay in sync with the latest fashion despite having a busy schedule has a few good tips to offer.

According to Bhargava, it is worth noting that the torso and legs below the knee are the most visible areas of a wheelchair user. You can draw attention to the aforesaid areas by donning designer ankle-length footwear or boots. If who fancy wearing short clothes, don’t be shy and go for it.

Aside from that, you can go for long and heavy earrings to enhance the overall glamour quotient, Bhargava adds. Highlighting too many things at the same time should also be avoided.

“If you are wearing statement jewelry, then keep rest everything simple,” she told NewzHook. While it is important to avoid wearing statement jewelry, working on your make-up is extremely important. Here are the top 4 tips wheelchair users can follow:

Wear light fabric: It is difficult to move around on a wheelchair if you are wearing bulky fabrics. Keeping in line with that, wheelchair users are advised to avoid long jackets, kurtas, tops, etc.

These outfits tend to hang out from the wheelchair, making the user sloppy. Moreover, these types of clothes are more likely to get tangled since they don’t fit well.

Accessorize: Adding elegant jewelry, footwear, and make-up to your overall appearance will make you stand out from the rest. Note that the accessories you wear reveal a lot about your style.

Go for longer tops: If you want to look thinner, go for longer tops. Short clothes make you appear lumpy, and fail to cover your body when you lean over.

Be comfortable: Regardless of what you wear, comfort should be your number one priority. It is advisable to wear an outfit only if you can move around freely in it and carry it off without feeling awkward.  Do not resort to wearing something just because it looks beautiful on someone else. What looks good on another person, does not necessarily look good on you too.

Bengaluru-based fashion designer Srilatha, who uses a wheelchair, likes vibrant colors.

“I feel that colors are very important to wheelchair users when it comes to fashion,” she says.

Those who use a black-tinted wheelchair should avoid wearing black and other dark colors. “It is important to stick to bright shades,” Srilatha suggests.

Moreover, it is important to wear clothes that suit your body type. While it may seem like an arduous task, in the beginning, looking stylish becomes second nature with a bit of practice. It is also worth noting that being fashionable doesn’t need to be time-consuming and end up burning a hole in your pocket.

4 Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

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