‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Asks Viewers To ‘Give Her Some Credit’

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“1000-lb Sisters” star Tammy Slaton asked viewers of the show to “give her some credit,” considering the recent post received negative comments including that she doesn’t take care of herself.

“I don’t care about my health?” she asked on a since-deleted TikTok post. “I wish y’all would give me some credit.”

“Honestly, I’m trying. But y’all just wanna keep holding me back. How the f–k do you expect me to win? How the f–k do you expect somebody to do great and be great if y’all keep holding me down? Y’all say you’re true fans, but true fans would ride or die,” Tammy said.

Tammy also explained why she has a tracheotomy tube in her neck, which was seen in her recent selfies. “They wanted an open airway in case I got sick again,” she said.

“Y’all don’t know why I got mad,” Tammy said. “Amy’s not the blessing y’all think she is — at least not all the time. The jokes on y’all. I’m using all y’all’s hate to thrive. Now you know why I keep posting videos. Because I don’t care what all y’all think.”

Fans reaction

While the post has been deleted from TikTok, fans of the show immediately took to Reddit to share their feedback.

“She is 35 years old, she needs to grow up and take accountability for her actions,” one of the Reddit users said. “I’m sorry but she is delusional as f–k!”

“What is that accent/voice she is talking in? How does a 35 year old change their whole way of talking over like 2 years,” another user wrote.

A user added, “I think she has a point about some fans of the show putting her down and hoping she fails or even dies. It’s kind of messed up if you ask me. Is it the sole cause of her weight issues? No. Of course not. There are many things at play here. Is it a contributing factor at the moment? I would say it’s very likely.”

“I can’t imagine it’s very motivating to see people constantly putting you down, talking about you as if you were worthless, and worse,” the same user added. “Tammy has made herself into a public figure, so she is partially to blame for all of this (however, there may be other reasons as to why she did the show that aren’t in her control). That being said, these assholes online shouldn’t be let off the hook for being horrible people because of it.”

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What do you think about Tammy’s recent video? Let us know in the comments section below. For more updates on “1000-lb Sisters,” keep watching this space.

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