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‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Has An Adorable Visitor At Rehab [See Pic]

1000 lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton was over the moon as her family members visited her in rehab. Read on to find out more!

1000 lb Sisters fans were worried about Tammy Slaton, who is in rehab. However, she was overjoyed when her family visited her recently. 

Tammy Slaton has a reputation for sharing heavily filtered photos and clips on her social media account. However, she recently shared a genuine message.

Tammy Slaton’s Family Member Visits Her At Rehab

Tammy has been in a rehabilitation facility that offers high-risk bariatric services since December, as per a report by SoapDirt. 

To recall, the TLC star pledged to go to a rehabilitation facility for six months towards the end of the last season. Moreover, her brother Chris Combs dropped her at the facility.

Also, Tammy announced this was the last time her family and fans would see her at this weight. “Bye b*tches,” she said at the time.

Sister Wives Tammy Slatton and Gage Halterman

Regrettably, things got worse at the season 3 finale of 1000 lb Sisters, when Tammy’s oxygen level dipped. She was moved from the rehab center to ER.

Moreover, she ended up with a tracheostomy at the hospital. By the time the filming ended, she had a trach tube for oxygen.

On Sunday, March 13, Tammy’s family visited her, much to the delight of the reality TV personality. Her nephew Gage Halterman was the latest family member to visit her.

Baby Gage Halterman Takes His Aunt’s “Sodie”

In her latest TikTok, Tammy showed her nephew Gage on her lap, holding Diet Coke in his hand. “Look who took my pop from me” she joked.

She tries to make Gage Halterman say “hi” to the cameras. However, the adorable kid was only focusing on the can in his hand.

Moreover, Amy Slaton was probably there too since her son was on her sibling’s lap. Also, there is a possibility that Amy is avoiding coming in front of the camera for a reason.

Amy should be about 21 weeks pregnant right now. She’s planning to have her baby on July 5 so she can get her tubes tied simultaneously.

So, Amy is understandably avoiding full-length shots. This will enable TLC to reveal her pregnancy status in season 4 of 1000 lb Sisters.

Watch this space for the latest reality TV news!

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