The Forgotten Hero – Soldier Who Fought, Not Once But Twice!

A young soldier fought valiantly for his country not once but twice. Badly injured, battered, but morals intact he continued to make the country proud. Like everyone he also grew old and was relieved from his services.

He was happy to spend time with his countrymen now,told his tale,inspired millions and earned enough to keep body andĀ  soul together.. Years passed happily…

His family was greedy and wanted more money out of anything and everything. Day and night they brooded over how to get rid of this old fellow and make some cash.

Then came the Eureka! moment; One of the finest brain in family suggested, let’s sell this old man’s organs; he was in the armed forces and always led a disciplinary life; His tall frame is still in good shape.
Everybody instantly liked the idea.

But he was a decorated soldier, afraid people will ask about himĀ  they came up with a vicious plan and branded him too costly to maintain. On an auspicious day the old man was put down under hammer and sold to be scrapped off like old furniture… Can you guess who this brave soldier was??

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