When A Gay Man Marry A Straight "NORMAL" Lady

When A Gay Man Marry A Straight “NORMAL” Lady

When A Gay Man Marry A Straight "NORMAL" LadyRead a report in TOI.

A gay man marries a lady (under societal pressures of course). Refuses to touch the lady and even sleeps in a separate room. Brings men to their house on the pretext of discussing business. The man applies pink lip-gloss which plants the seeds of suspicion in the lady’s mind.

She goes to the guy’s parents but the parents blame the lady for being not attractive enough. The lady installs spy-cams in the man’s bedroom and goes to her parents’ place. She returns and checks the footage and finds out that her husband is gay.

She goes and complaints to the nearest police station. Cops arrest the man under section 377 and now he faces life imprisonment. Sad. Whatever happened in the story is simply sad.

4 angles in this story:

1. If the man was gay he shouldn’t have married the lady
2. The guy’s parents should have been supportive and they shouldn’t have blamed the lady squarely
3. The guy should have confessed about his sexual orientation and filed for a divorce
4. Whatever happened, it’s a clear cut case of cheating. Booking anyone under 377 is as cave man-ish as it can get